The step-by-step guide to buying your first or next rental property
[without relying on a lender to approve you for a loan]


  • The three key strategies to find and negotiate quality off-market real estate deals nobody else even knows are for sale
  • ​The Y.E.S.S.E.S Framework for getting off-market Sellers to accept your offers 
  • ​The 11 simple steps to getting your first or next deal accepted without needing a bank loan

If you are an aspiring buy-and-hold real estate investor, and you want to buy more rental properties without worrying about the limitations and hassles of bank loans, this powerful guide is for you!

Hi, I'm Jeff, founder of The Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur

I poured myself into writing this free Guide myself, to share with you the exact process I use in my own real estate entrepreneurship business. I've cultivated and perfected this process over years of practice, and tens of millions of dollars of acquisitions, and I want to share it with you! 
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